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How it is made an Amorilla dress?

For each Love Story, Camilla starts from choosing a country where she found a textile tradition that she is in love with. 

The second step is to make contact with small sustainable and ethical factory where to produce the collections.

Once Camilla finds the perfect people to work with, the Love Story begins to take shape.

India step by step:

The Love Story India is set in Rajasthan, a region linked for centuries to the country's textile traditions.

Here the whole sustainable collection is born, using the Indian technique of block printing. 

The hand printing is made with wooden blocks carved by hand.

Each color needs a block and the printing of an Amorilla dress requires 4 different molds and 4 consecutive passages.

This means that the printing process is very hard to made, because the printer has to make 4 different layers of color without mistakes.

The people who made Amorilla's India Love Story are: 

Summit (block hand carving),

Gopal (colorist),

Rajesh (Hand printing process),

Ratnesh, Desraj and Mulesh (sewing)

and Sita (ironing).

Italy step by step:

The Love Story #2 has born in Italy, between Milano and Verona aerea, where the fashion district is well-established.

From the fabric used, that has been woven in Como, mixing hemp and yak wool fibers, to the dyeing or the printing process

and from the pattern making to the sewing, every step has taken place in Italy, making the Love Story #2 a true masterpiece

of Italian expert craftsmanship

The people who made Amorilla's Italy Love Story are: 

Silvana (pattern maker),

Mauro (fabric and dying process),

Teresa and Roberta (sewing).

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