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Camilla Mendini - Founder and designer 

Camilla Mendini is an Italian designer who moved to New York three years ago.

She is not new on the web where many know her as Carotilla, because for a long time she has been an activist on the internet about sustainable fashion.

In particular, she began to raise awareness among her Italian audience through videos dedicated to sustainability, on her Youtube channel,

earning the title of the first YouTuber Italian to deal with constancy and commitment about this topic.

Camilla Mendini designer and founder of Amorila
Camilla, Founder

Why I made Amorilla >

For years I have been committed to spreading the message of sustainability and it was time to create something totally mine. In Amorilla I put all my efforts and courage to create an entirely sustainable brand.

The first positive results came pretty fast making her realize that sustainable fashion, still very little known and understood in Italy, can become a more accessible and easier to understand topic. We need to ask fashion companies for more transparency, but above all more ethics and more sustainability.

"Once you understand what's behind the low price of fast fashion, it's hard not to change your relationship with


In June 2017 she decides to start a photographic project on Instagram, under the name of @carotillagoessustainable to show how it is possible to dress in a sustainable way. Camilla therefore decides to post, every day, her Sustainable Outfits made of vintage or family items or sustainable brands

"Having a sustainable wardrobe means not only buying quality products, but also caring about the quality of life of those who produced the garment and the Earth in which we live".

In March 2018 she launched Amorilla and the commitment to create something transparent, ethical and sustainable, became personal.

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