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When was Amorilla born?

Amorilla is a project that was born, on paper, in 2017. Camilla has been committed to being a sustainable consumer for the past two years and, while looking

for information on sustainable brands, she has realized how many of them actually just do greenwashing campaigns, calling themselves green to divert

the attention from the production processes that aren't sustainable at all.

That sustainability is becoming a trend, it is easy to see. There is a competition between brands to define themselves and to be called green, sustainable,

vegan and ethical, just to win the hearts of consumers who are increasingly becoming more and more attentive to these issues. But how many of these brands

are actually sustainable and how many are instead just trying to capitalize on a fashion trend?

Hence the desire to create something true, sustainable in all its aspects.

Amorilla project:

Amorilla's philosophy is to rediscover the textile traditions that have given life to fashion and resume them to create capsule collections for women,

while being ethical and sustainable.

Amorilla is a box, full of textile love stories scattered around the world.

The first love story is set in India, where the print made with hand-carved wooden blocks is a centuries-old tradition that is risking disappearing.

Other stories will follow, born in other corners of the world where there are other traditions related to sewing, embroidery or even printing.

Amorilla explained by Camilla, its founder:

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